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The most wonderfully weird family around are back, and in a cinema near you from October 25. In their exciting new movie, “The Addams Family”, Gomez, Morticia and the rest of the clan are returning for another adventure. No one does gothic glamour better than this family, and we can’t wait to take a closer look at the kooky style of the Addams’ mansion. Let’s start by meeting the family….

Husband to Morticia, Gomez Addams is debonair, mischievous, charismatic and always a devoted parent to his children, Wednesday and Pugsley. Madly in love with Morticia (and also just plain mad), Gomez loves to relax with a tightened clamp set on his temple, or a vigorous round of ninja-level swordplay. Always energetic, talkative and enthusiastic about his next dreadful scheme, Gomez truly feels at home when he’s surrounded by the whole family.

Gomez’s dream ghoul, Morticia Addams is devoted to her husband and children. She’s a calm and collected character who doesn’t suffer fools gladly, if at all. The pale glue that holds the Addams family together, if anybody has a problem, or if something needs to get done, she’ll be the one to do it. Morticia’s been rocking the Goth look since way before it was cool. Dedicated to keeping the clan together, Morticia is definitely the matriarch, feeling truly comfortable when she’s looking after every member of the Addams family.

The eldest child of Gomez and Morticia, Wednesday Addams isn’t your average 13 year old girl. Truly her parents’ little storm cloud, Wednesday is the teen queen of shock, whose special skills include lurking, nightcrawling and tormenting her beloved younger brother. Recognising threats long before her relatives, Wednesday feels most at home when she’s the rescuer of her sometimes overly trusting family – but she’s just about to face her most horrific challenge yet: middle school. “Everyone is a freak if you look closely enough.”

An innovator. A maverick. The devilish younger child of Gomez and Morticia, Pugsley Addams is always looking for his next dangerous plot. A menacing 10 year old on overdrive, Pugsley enjoys stealing warning signs from road hazards and setting unsuccessful booby traps for his sister and bemused father. There’s no doubt about it, Pugsley feels most at home when he’s up to no good. “Fire in the hole!”

Think your uncle is strange? We’re betting he’s nothing like Fester Addams. The mad brother of Gomez, and the crazy uncle of Wednesday and Pugsley, Fester is good natured, merry and loves to make mayhem whenever, and wherever, he can – especially if he’s blowing things up. Because he’s charged with electricity, we think Fester would feel most at home in the bath with a car battery. “An Addams is always an Addams”

Need a hand? Thing is something between a beloved family pet, a valet and a personal assistant. He’s immensely good natured, a loyal member of the Addams family and surprisingly communicative considering he doesn’t speak. Given Thing’s penchant for always wanting to help out, we can see him being happiest at home doing the chores and helping out the family.

The family butler we all know and love, Lurch has the body of a monster and the heart of a poet. He has a special connection to the children, to whom he is something of a nanny, and is a character of hidden depths that intuits the family’s emotional needs. Despite his intimidating appearance, Lurch feels at home when he’s tickling the ivories on the family’s ancient organ. “Youuuuu raaaaaaaang?”

Gomez’s mother and Morticia’s demanding mother-in-law, Grandma sports a wart on her nose and a wild gleam in her eye. She was once an intrepid world traveller and loves to regale the children with her stories of adventure and exploration – keeping them well fed with candy she keeps between her toes. Given she has so many tales to tell, we think Grandma would feel most at home telling her stories on the sofa with Wednesday and Pugsley.

Feel at home with the Family

The Addams Family will be released in cinemas across the UK from Friday October 25. Watch as they move to New Jersey, face off against a greedy, arrogant TV host and prepare for their extended family to arrive for a major celebration. Be sure to follow us on Instagram for more Addams Family content, and keep your eye out for our Addams Family competition launching soon.

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