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Ah…Valentine’s Day. Since the 14th century, the idea of romantic love and Saint Valentine have been irrevocably intertwined, culminating in the familiar celebration of all things romance on 14th February each year. The gifting of cards, chocolates and flowers has been traditional since the 18th century, and if you’re planning on staying in this year, it’s simple to plan a romantic Valentine’s night at home.

First things first though, follow our tips on how to give your sofa a little TLC so that it’s looking its best for the special night.

Cleaning your sofa

Whether your sofa is leather or fabric you can use the soft brush attachment on your vacuum to pick up any loose dirt or dust that’s collected on the surface or between the cushions. Take off any scatter cushions and remove the sofa cushions if your seats or backs aren’t fixed. This will allow you to get underneath and down the sides to vacuum up any loose particles that might scratch or damage your sofa covers.

Depending on the type of leather or fabric that your sofa is crafted from, you can tackle any little marks or stains using a Sofology care kit. If your sofa is leather, it’s a great opportunity to apply a conditioner all over. We always recommend conditioning your leather twice a year – it stops it cracking and keeps it feeling beautifully soft.

For more specific information about how to care for your furniture, read our guide to caring for your fabric sofa or leather sofa.

Plump and refresh

Once your sofa is dusted off and any pesky marks have been taken care of, the next step is to spend a little time rearranging the cushions. A little effort goes a long way here. Taking the time each day to plump your seat cushions can be the factor that keeps your sofa looking like new for longer. For a special occasion – like dressing your room up for Valentine’s Day – give each cushion a little extra attention, using these methods to revive the fillings inside.

Once all your cushions are looking plump and comfortable, arrange them back on the sofa so they sit neatly, straightening any seams as you go along. The end result should be a picture perfect sofa that you can’t wait to curl up on.

Dress it up

Now that your sofa’s looking its best, you can give it a little Valentine’s Day makeover. Soft, warm shades of pink, berry and red are sure to help create that romantic atmosphere. Position a few scatter cushions on the seats and play around with throws in a variety of different textures. Fleecy or chunky knitted blankets are a great way to set a cosy scene, and perfect for snuggling into while watching your favourite movie.

Add a few romantic touches to the rest of the room with some candles along the mantelpiece or on the hearth of the fireplace. If you’ve been lucky enough to be treated to some fresh flowers, display them in vintage inspired glassware – it’ll twinkle as it catches the candlelight for instant romance.

Date night

With the scene set, all that’s left is to open a bottle of wine, exchange cards and curl up together in front of the TV. Have you styled your living room for Valentine’s Day? Show us your romantic side over on Instagram or Pinterest.

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